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What's all the buzz about?

Influencer marketing is the most powerful way to have your product reach potential customers from a voice they trust.

Our platform allows you to seamlessly connect with influencers, deploy ads, and analyze how your campaign is performing. Instead of spending hours scouring the web for influencer compatible with your audience, just to get your cold email ignored, or having to blindly throw money at them without insight into their demographic & no way to track how their ad performs -- InfluencerHive streamlines the process,

The Features!

  • Targeted Our platform shows your campaign to
    influencers with a compatible audience
    to make sure you reach the right
  • Maximum ROI Influencer marketing is 11x more
    effective than traditional marketing
  • More Reach Influencer marketing acquires more
    reach than traditional advertising.
  • Powerful Inisght We provide powerful tools to bring
    in-depth data to influencer marketing,
    allowing you to view engagement and
    demographics of your influencers, as
    well as how your campaign executed.
  • Affordable You can launch influencer marketing
    campaigns from anywhere from
    $100 to $10,000.

The Process!


Create Campaign

Give an overview of your product or service you are promoting, what platforms you want promotion on, and set your budget.


Receive Proposals

Interested influencers will send you proposals with their price, completion date, and details on how they will execute your campaign.


Select Influencers

View demographics, engagement, and past work of Influencers applying and choose the ones right for the job.


Preview Content

Influencers will show you what content they will post. From here you can review, request edits and approve once ready.


Content Deployed

Influencers will post their content on their page, driving traffic, engagement, and ROI for you business.


View Data

Our platform will let you see how your campaign is doing as a whole and how each execution did.

Launch your campaign

Have influencers post your advertisement and reach thousands of potential customers!