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InfluencerHive is a platform to connect you with top clothing lines, websites, apps, stores, startups, services and more to allow you to find awesome sponsorships opportunity and make money from your followers.

We give you full freedom to choose your own sponsorships,
set your own prices, and are NEVER in control of your account.

The Features!

  • Security We do not ever have access to your social media account.
  • Transparency InfluencerHive is completely FREE to join without any contracts or lock-ins. You will always own 100% of your accounts. You will always be able to work when you want, for who you want, and for how much you want.
  • Flexibility We support and have sponsorships available for just about every platform and account genre, from makeup to hunting we'll make sure you're getting paid.
  • Payments We let you cash out to PayPal, Bank Account, or Debit Card in a snap! We're also here to make sure you don't get scammed or chargebacked so the only thing you have to focus on is creating awesome stuff!

We bring the brands to you.

Cool companies from different industries want to sponsor you.


Our platform allows you to network and collaborate with other influencers, allowing you both to grow! Keep expanding your social media empire.

Dedicated Support & Advisors

We're here to help you. Our team are all experienced with influencer marketing and can help you with everything from growth advice, getting verified, figuring out how much you should charge for a shoutout or whatever else is on your mind.

The Process!


Choose Sponsorship

Browse available sponsorship opportunities and find one you think you & your followers will love.


Get Hired

Send an awesome proposal to the brand on how you'll present their product to your fans.


Create & Deploy

Create your own content or use the company's pre-made promotional content and deploy it to your social media platforms.


Get Paid

Once the job is done the money goes straight into your account. Great job!

Sign up now and get paid

Make deals with brands, get free stuff and make money!